The Goggies, I Hatez Dem

September 12, 2009 at 1:08 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

So, about my pet goat – er, I mean, Black Lab.

Lakota is almost nine months old; she’s absolutely beautiful, shiny and healthy and spoiled rotten.  She has also grown from a tiny, cute puppy into a combination paper shredder/garbage disposal.  A partial list of the items she has demolished in the last two nights includes:

– two sets of shoe insoles;

– one set of boot laces;

– two manila envelopes (one padded with some sort of cardboard fiber);

– two boxes of Stren 12 lb. test monofilament fishing line (ate the boxes, left the spools of line);

– one box of Federal ammunition, .300 WSM caliber (once again, ate the box, left the ammo);

– two plastic clothes hangers;

– one ball cap.

Now, before you chide me for leaving the above items where the doggie could reach them, let me first identify the items that were not on the dining room table.

Boot laces – check.

Shoe insoles – check.

Everything else was on top of our six-foot long, four-foot high, specially ordered dining room table.  Not hanging off of the table, mind you, but ON the table, well out of reach of errant grandsons and dogs and the like.  Weeeelllll, that’s what I thought, anyway.  Evidently, she has fallen in love with the two training “dummies” that Phil bought to use in training her to retrieve.  She has bones, stuffed animals, rawhide chews – but she had to have her “dummies”, which were on the dining room table a few nights ago after Phil got done with them.  I got up yesterday morning, turned on the light in the living room, and…”LAKOTA!!!”  Shreds of paper, bits of cardboard, a pile of ammunition, and plopped right in the middle – Momma’s little baby, contentedly gnawing on an orange plastic dummy.  So, this weekend will be spent RE-toddler-proofing my house, with an eye to hanging things from the ceiling.


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